The world isn’t Black and White.
All the Magic is in the Grey!

- Gary Vaynerchux

Grey, the fundamental colour, the soul of all colors has always meant timelessness, sophistication, and balance to us. We comprehend Grey as an agile color which goes well with any color you name and that’s how we relate it to our brand.

We want to be agile and not only cater to the needs in putting an outfit for any occasion together but also to induce confidence, sophistication and power in you when you wear one of our pieces.

Maison Grey meaning “House of Grey” is our one year old baby brand which started off as a tiny made to wear neighbourhood boutique and is steadily expanding its horizons into ready to wear clothing line. We make customised clothing, bridal attires in store and take up orders for readymades online.

We believe fashion is very powerful and that fine dressing commands respect and improves authority.The power good dressing gives is unbeatable and has also proven that it enhances abstract cognitive thinking.

We see ourselves as a warm and humble brand whose sole purpose is to grab you fantastic first impression, elegance,
authority and confidence when you walk into any room wearing any piece of ours.

Each and every one of our designs will have at least one awe factor and we will make sure we will retain exclusivity in each design.

We promise we would never let this brand get stagnant. There will always be room for more. More product range, more
creativity, more designs and more love.

Think in Grey!

Your all day casuals, crafted by a fashion designer

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